A lifetime spent in the world of politics — on both sides of the aisle and at multiple levels and in a variety of roles — informs my political cartoons. Once a Republican leader — I left the GOP long ago when it began to lurch to the hard right and joined the Democrats where my natural liberal/progressive tendencies were more at home. I also was an active non-partisan as a 12 year City Councilman and two-time mayor of Palo Alto, California. After my Council service, I was for several years the on-camera host of an award-winning local cable TV show on local politics.

I trace my politcal cartooning back to my GOP days when I provided cartoons to a daily area newspaper. At the time, I had originals requested by Senator Alan Cranston, Nancy Reagan, and Lt. Governor Bob Finch. And was once published in National Review. (That wouldn’t happen today!) Contemporary American politics is rich in issues and personalities that cry out for the sardonic but informative and insightful (and, we can hope, persuasive) twists and messages that political cartoons can provide … and it is to those ends that my political cartoons are dedicated.